■Business Overview


The agricultural & seafood products trading business supplies fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen processed produce, seafood and other products to wholesale markets, food manufacturers, volume retailers, the food service sector and other users, mainly in Japan. In fresh fruit and vegetables, we have one of the largest shares in the imported citrus fruit market in Japan due to our position as the exclusive import agent for Sunkist Growers Inc. We also sell a wide range of other fresh produce, including tropical fruit and vegetables.


In the frozen processed food ingredient category, we are involved in all parts of the supply chain – from identifying and developing producing areas worldwide through to import. We supply a wide range of products and ingredients to domestic food manufacturers and other users in Japan, such as the food service sector, prepared food manufacturers and volume retailers.

In seafood and agricultural products, we are using our sourcing network in the Asia food global business to grow sales in Japan.


We are also working to expand our overseas sales channels into China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other markets using exports of domestic fruit and vegetables and third-country trading. 

One of the Group’s fruit-producing areas

Strawberry processing line



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