Freshly Picked Fruits to Japan, Japanese Flavor for the World !

In 1968, Nishimoto WORLD GIFT was launched as a gift service provider for Japanese living in the United States. The idea was to send fresh fruit to their families and friends in Japan on their behalf.
In those days, overseas travel was still a lofty dream for many Japanese. You can imagine how surprising it was to receive gifts from abroad. People were greatly delighted and impressed by the freshness and deliciousness of the fruit received from the U.S.
At present, Nishimoto WORLD GIFT is working to further enhance its services with an eye to expanding into multi-national markets. We bring delicious fruits to Japan not only from the U.S. but all over the world, and also export high quality Japanese food products to the world.

In response to the popularity of this service, we are now offering catalog and Internet-based sales, which have generated a growing number of orders from customers globally.

WORLD GIFT  CATALOG  (Japanese version only)