Dividend Policy

The Company’s basic policy on the distribution of profits is to pay stable and consistent dividends to shareholders while ensuring sufficient internal reserves to fund future business development and reinforce the Group’s financial position, and dividends for each fiscal year are based on this policy. The company plans to pay dividends twice a year, interim and a year- end dividend.


Internal reserves are used to increase corporate value through investment in M&A deals, logistics, systems and other areas required to support business expansion.


The Company's Articles of Incorporation provide for a year-end dividend and an interim dividend with record dates of December 31 and June 30, respectively, approved by resolution of the Board of Directors. The articles also allow for the distribution of profits at other times based on separately determined record dates. In addition, the Articles of Incorporation stipulate that “the Company shall decide the distribution of dividends, etc. from surplus as provided for in respective items of Article 459, Paragraph (1) of the Companies Act by a resolution of the Board of Directors, unless otherwise provided for by laws or regulations.”