The Company will introduce the shareholder special benefit plan for the purpose of showing its appreciation to shareholders for their ongoing support, as well as promoting a better understanding of the business development of the Company Group and increasing the number of shareholders who will own shares of the Company in the medium and long terms.

Eligible shareholders


Shareholders who own at least one unit (i.e., 100 shares) of the Company’s shares that are registered or recorded in the shareholders’ register of the Company as of the end of December each year are eligible for the plan.


Regarding the first shareholder special benefit plan


 Shareholders as of the end of December, 2020 are eligible.


※The shareholder benefit ticket have been sent to eligible shareholders together with the "Notification of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders".

※Period of use of the coupon code

April 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.



Please note that even if your complimentary ticket is stolen or lost, we will be unable to reissue it.


Details of the special benefit


A coupon code that can be used at the product purchase site NISHIMOTO WORLD GIFT, which is operated by the Company Group, will be provided based on the following criteria.


Borderless surprise gift!! NISHIMOTO WORLD GIFT

Criteria for providing the coupon code

Number of units owned (Number of shares owned)

Number of coupon codes

1 to 3 units

(100 shares or more and less than 400 shares)

1 coupon code

(equivalent to 3,000 yen)

4 to 6 units

(400 shares or more and less than 700 shares)

2 coupon code

(equivalent to 6,000 yen)

7 units or more

(700 shares or more)

3 coupon code

(equivalent to 9,000 yen)

※The coupon code is indicated on the complimentary ticket.


※1 coupon code is equivalent to 3,000 yen.


※Only one coupon code can be used per product purchase (one settlement).


※If one purchase is less than 3,000 yen, the between 3,000 yen and the purchase amount will be invalid.


※The coupon code is also available for persons other than the shareholders.


※The coupon code is available on online mail order website only.

  (Please note that the coupon code is not available for order by telephone or FAX and so on.)


※Period of use of the coupon code:Nine months from April 1 of the year of issuance to the end of December of the same year.