Basic stance on corporate governance

Our dream is to make a difference to the lives of people around the world through food and contribute to the satisfaction of as many customers as possible. To achieve those objectives, we have an overriding mission – to manage the Group with the interests of all stakeholders in mind – shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and local communities – supported by even closer cooperation between the growing number of Group companies worldwide. Stable and lasting business development is vital to that process, and our basic stance on corporate governance is to put in place the necessary framework to ensure sound, transparent and efficient business management to support that development.

Corporate Governance Structure

Wismettac Group Code of Business Ethics

Nishimoto Wismettac Group will conduct fair and appropriate transactions and business activities with our business partners in order to fulfill our group philosophy “Contributing to the international community through food”.
We have formulated the “Wismettac Group Code of Business Ethics” in order to comply with relevant laws and regulations, international treaties and rules effective within our Group, and continue to act with sincerity and high ethical standards.
We will continue to improve corporate value and contribute to the sustainable development of global society by delivering food.