■Basic Sustainability Policy, Key Issues ("Materiality") and Challenges of Sustainable Management

We, Wismettac Group, aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through food. In order to widely and clearly demonstrate our stance toward this goal both internally and externally, we have formulated the "Basic Sustainability Policy". In addition, we have identified key issues (materiality) and challenges to be addressed in sustainable management. Measures will be taken to overcome these findings as a priority over the long term, based on this policy.


【Measures for the Sustainability】

The unique strengths of the Company are its extensive worldwide network established over the years since its foundation and its advanced business platform for the smooth transport of goods globally. Our business platform allows the entire process from planning and development to the sale and distribution of goods to take place in a seamless manner. We are committed to focusing on our strengths to achieve the following goals: (i) expand the scale of our existing businesses and improve profitability; (ii) develop DX initiatives and platforms in food distribution and logistics; (iii) create new businesses by integrating our food and non-food businesses; (iv) ensure food safety and compliance for sustainable global distribution; and (v) strengthen our international regional management and governance. Our Basic Sustainability Policy aims to provide solutions to global social issues and promote sustainable development by leveraging Wismettac’s unique strengths as an exceptional food service company.


【Key Issues ("Materiality") and Challenges of Wismettac Group Sustainable Management】

 ESG  Key Issues("Materiality")  Challenges



  Contributions to global


 Climate change mitigation and adaptation

 Contributing to the creation of a circular economy
 Conservation of biodiversity (Plant-based foods, etc.)
 Delivering environmentally friendly products



  Ensuring food safety

  and quality

 Sustainable improvement of the ability to provide safe food

  Solving the issues of food

  and well-being

 Provision of food to cope with the aging population, to improve health and quality of life,

 and to enhance physical strength to reduce susceptibility to illness

 Providing digital food platforms and other products that respond to changing lifestyles

 and create new business opportunities

  Wide range of human resources

  and work environment

 Promoting diversity and inclusivity, and providing a positive work environment

 by emphasizing work-life balance

 Recruitment, development and promotion of global human resources

 to support sustainable business development

  Establishment of

  a sustainable society

 Sustainable contribution to local development

 (involvement in the cultivation of agricultural products)

 Supply chain management

 (consideration for human rights issues, CSR procurement, etc.)



  Strengthening governance

  and compliance

 Strengthening corporate governance
 Thorough Compliance
 Enhancement of risk management and information management

  Continuous improvement of

  food compliance system

 Continuing improvement of the ability to respond to regional food regulations

■Health and Productivity Management


【Health and Productivity Management Statement】

Since the establishment of Wismettac Group, we have accumulated a history of more than 100 years based on the philosophy of "bringing the world’s food to Japan and the Japanese food to the world", allowing us to layout a global foundation within the field of food on three pivotal points - product, commercial logistics, and human resource. Going forward, we will aim for further growth as a corporate group that contributes to the Well-being of people around the world by providing one-stop solutions that integrate both fields of food and healthcare.

In order to continue being an organization that contributes to people's Well-being, it is necessary for each of our employees to have a high awareness of healthy lifestyle. We also believe that it is essential for the employees working here to be physically and mentally healthy for them to fully demonstrate their abilities and grow in a positive manner.


We consider the health of our employees as one of our important management resources. Therefore, we declare to become a company that contributes to a prosperous and healthy society by actively supporting health related promotional activities to maintain the health of our employees and organization.

Nishimoto Co., Ltd. (Holding Company of Wismettac Group)

Yoshiro Susaki, Chairman & CEO




【Health and Productivity Management Structure】

To implement Health and Productivity Management, we organize a Promotion Team with the Chairman & CEO as the Health and Productivity Management Officer and the Director in charge of Human Resources & General Affairs as the promotion officer. The Promotion Team formulates and promotes health management plans and measures in cooperation with the insurer, industrial physicians, the Health Committee, and related departments, etc., then the status will be reported to the Management Committee on a regular basis.


【Strategy Map for Health and Productivity Management】

We have formulated the Strategy Map for Health and Productivity Management to clarify connections with the management challenge to be solved through health and productivity management. This map is utilized to run PDCA cycles.

(Goal setting period: Targets are reviewed/re-evaluated every three years.)

(*) In principle, each initiative in "Health Investment" is paired with one item in "Indicators to measure progress of health investment initiatives".
However, since some "Health Investment" initiatives cover multiple "Indicators to measure progress of health investment initiatives", these "Health Investments" are referred to as "Health Investments Related to Multiple Effects".



【Ultimate Goals for Health Initiatives】

  • Improve Employee Productivity

In order to identify employee health problems, we will conduct quarterly “Presenteeism Survey” from 2022 to identify what causes sicknesses and affects productivity. By quantitatively capture a status where employees cannot reach their potential at work and their performance deteriorates due to sickness, we will take measures so that every employee can demonstrate their potential to the fullest extent. We have set the target percentage of productivity loss due to presenteeism (*), based on the initial survey result of 19.1%. 

(*) Calculation method for the rate (%) of productivity loss due to presenteeism = 100% - presenteeism (%)


  • Improve Employee Engagement

We use the engagement survey system "wevox" for quantitative analysis.



【Disclosure of Numerical Data on Health and Productivity Management】

Disclosure Items 2020 2021 2022
Regular health checkups Medical checkup rate 99% 99% 100%

Rate of employees who continue treatment

or take re-examinations after medical checkups

24.1%(*) 17.6% 30.0%
Participation rate of heath guidance 16.5% 22.9% 9.7%

Rate of employees with normal BMI values (18.5 ≤ BMI < 25.0)

65.7% 66.0% 67.9%
Smoking rate 17.3% 15.3% 14.2%
Stress check Participation rate 85.4% 88.1% 94.1%
High stress rate among those who take stress check 11.5% 16.7% 16.5%
Other Number of  employees on leave of absence due to injury or illnesson 0 0 1
Participation rate of walking events

20.4% 8.9%
Rate of productivity loss due to presenteeism 20.1%
Employee engagement score (out of 100) 61 62 63

(*) For the convenience of data aggregation, the results of fiscal 2020 are based on a limited number of offices.


【Recognized as Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization】

This year Wismettac group has been consecutively recognized as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization in the large enterprise category under the certification program jointly administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.(March 8,2023)