Bringing Japanese foods to the World, and the World's foods to Japan

We consistently offer styles of food in line with marketplace demands.

Nishimoto Group companies supply the world with Japanese food. We have been bringing food from throughout the world to Japan for over a century now, and our business has been expanding driven by our Company slogan, "Japanese foods to the world, and the world's foods to Japan." Japanese food has been gaining prominence in the countries of Europe, North America, Asia, and elsewhere, and is more than just a passing fad. Japanese food has become a firmly rooted element in the lives of people in those regions. In Japan as well, people's tastes are expanding to include a more diverse range of foods. Supermarkets in Japan today, for instance, feature foods from all over, and in restaurants throughout the country customers can readily enjoy the cuisines of the world. Diets are indeed becoming more diverse within Japan and in many other countries as well. Accordingly, The Nishimoto Wismettac Group always strives to anticipate these new market trends.

One of our predominant Group strengths is that we do not pigeonhole ourselves as being merely a trading company dedicated to foodstuffs. Instead we anticipate the next food-related trends, pursue the potential for new ingredients, new menu choices, and evolving food cultures, and offer products to meet these needs within Japan and around the world. Group employees strive to be food experts who continuously make new dietary styles available based on detailed analysis of market demands.

This trend of ever increasing dietary diversity is sure to continue. At this time, however, even during the current age of ongoing food abundance in Japan, people still do not experience the full enjoyment of food diversity—fruit being just one example—that exists in European and North American countries. Moreover, numbers of people in the middle classes of the world's emerging economies are swelling, thus fueling more diverse dietary needs in those regions as well. We at The Nishimoto Wismettac Group wish to further respond to customer expectations by providing quality food products and ingredients that can be enjoyed safely and with peace of mind, and by offering high value-added products and services.