■Health and Productivity Management

【Health and Productivity Management Statement】

Since the establishment of Nishimoto Wismettac Group, we have accumulated a history of more than 100 years based on the philosophy of "bringing the world’s food to Japan and the Japanese food to the world", allowing us to layout a global foundation within the field of food on three pivotal points - product, commercial logistics, and human resource. Going forward, we will aim for further growth as a corporate group that contributes to the Well-being of people around the world by providing one-stop solutions that integrate both fields of food and healthcare.

In order to continue being an organization that contributes to people's Well-being, it is necessary for each of our employees to have a high awareness of healthy lifestyle. We also believe that it is essential for the employees working here to be physically and mentally healthy for them to fully demonstrate their abilities and grow in a positive manner.


We consider the health of our employees as one of our important management resources. Therefore, we declare to become a company that contributes to a prosperous and healthy society by actively supporting health related promotional activities to maintain the health of our employees and organization.

Nishimoto Co., Ltd. (Holding Company of Wismettac Group)

Yoshiro Susaki, Chairman & President CEO



【Health and Productivity Management Structure】

To implement Health and Productivity Management, we organize a Promotion Team with the Chairman & President CEO as the Health and Productivity Management Officer and the Director in charge of human resources as the promotion officer. The Promotion Team formulates and promotes health management plans and measures in cooperation with the insurer, industrial physicians, the Health Committee, and related departments, etc., then the status will be reported to the Management Committee on a regular basis.


【Recognized as Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization】

Wismettac group was recognized on March 9,2022 as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization in the large enterprise category under the certification program jointly administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.